Windsor Presbyterian Church
Windsor Heights, Iowa
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Church Life


Sunday - 9:00 AM
Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Basement - Red Center Door)

Sunday -10:30 AM  
Windsor Presbyterian Church (Sanctuary - Red Double Doors)
Fellowship to follow immediately (Ward Hall)

Sunday - 1:00 PM
Ethiopian & Eritrean Orthodox Reformed Church  Choir(Room 209)

Adult Sunday School - Sundays at 9:00 AM 
Narrative Lectionary Bible Study - Mondays at 9:30 AM (East Hall)

DROP IN (Coffee)

Tuesday - 10:30 AM (Ward Hall)
(Second Tuesday of the month is Drop In Potluck, beginning at 11:00 AM)

WINDSOR ON WEDNESDAYS (WOW) (during the school year)

Wednesday -   5:15 PM  Dinner (Ward Hall)
                        6:00 PM  Worship & Study 
ADULT CHOIR (during the school year)

7:00 PM  Adult Choir (East Hall)


11:30 AM Mondays - Art Class (Room 202 upstairs - white doors)
10:00 AM Wednesdays - Introduction to Storytelling (Room 204 upstairs - white doors)
  8:30 AM Thursdays - Music + Play (Room 207 upstairs - white doors)
11:30 AM Thursdays - Foundations of Art, Advanced Class (Room 204 upstairs - white doors)
  3:00 PM Thursdays - Elements of Fiction (Room 204 upstairs - white doors)
  6:30 PM First Thursday of the Month - Ukulele Choir (East Hall - east center door)

   For more information about the Art House classes, go to or email Natalie at


Sunday and Nursery School Teachers
DMARC Food Pantry
Church Grounds Keeping and Upkeep
Music Ministry
Kitchen Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Meal Ministry
Worship Assistants
Ushers and Greeters
Fellowship Hosts
Knitting Prayer Shawls
Reading with Elementary Children
Serving Meals at Children and Families Urban Ministries (CFUM)
Basic Home Maintenance for those in need
Dollars and Dimes for Diapers
Holiday Preparations