Windsor Presbyterian Church
Windsor Heights, Iowa
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January 30, 1921.  Forty people began attending Sunday School on the second floor of Windsor School.

November 23, 1922.  Meeting in the home of W.A. Drennan to form a Community Church.

December 14, 1922.  Articles of Incorporation were approved.

January 1923.  Land was purchased for the church building. 

September 1924.  Worship ceremony on the new land included digging the first spadeful of dirt. 

  November 9, 1924.  The cornerstone was laid. It contained a list of members and officers, a Bible and other mementos.

January 25, 1925.  The first worship service was held in what is now the basement of the church. All church activities were held there until it became to small for the growing congregation.

1948.  The sanctuary was built.

1956.  A major building campaign—New classrooms, fellowship hall, and kitchen were added. The basement fellowship hall (the first sanctuary) was remodeled.

1982.  The present fellowship hall (Ward Hall) and the Jacoby Education wing (2nd floor) were added.

December 2006.  Minister-led movement to leave PC(USA). Majority votes to remain, splitting the congregation. Approximately half the congregation leaves the church.

Today.  By the grace of God, the congregation continues to grow in faith and numbers as it strives to fulfill its mission to love God and work together in love serving all God's people.


Ministers of Windsor Presbyterian Church

1922-25            Rev. John Wright

1926-30            Rev. Harry D. Robinson

1930-31            Rev. J. B. Howard

1934-37            Rev. James B. Ransom

1937-38            Dr. Theodore L. Morning

1938-42            Rev. Charles E. Pitts

1943-52            Rev. Addison C. Lawton

1952-60            Rev. Duane U. Farris

1960-90            Rev. L. Hume Ward

1989-93            Rev. Andrew Lindahl

1991-92            Dr. Arnold Nelson

1992-99            Rev. William E. Brown

1994-98            Rev. Stacey D. Wells

1999-01            Dr. John F. Nipper

2002-04            Dr. Thomas J. Bower

2005-07            Rev. Terence P. Amann

2007-07            Rev. Gustav C. Nelson

2007-                Rev. Shamaine Chambers King