On Sunday, June 12, our choir join with Windsor United Methodist Church's choir to sing at both churches. Their anthem is  "Only God."

Our choir will sing two anthems for worship on Sunday, June 9. Those titles are "Veni Sancte Spiritus" and "The Wind Song."

The choir will sing on July 14 and August 11. They will meet at 9:45 before worship to rehearse a familiar hymn. Wednesday night rehearsals will resume in the fall.



Windsor Presbyterian Church
Windsor Heights, Iowa
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News & Events


June 2 - Joint Choir
June 6 - CFUM Meal
June 7 - Building & Grounds Committee
June 9 - Pentecost; Communion; Choir Sings
June 11 - Drop In Potluck
June 13 - Session Meeting

June 16 - Trinity Sunday; Dick Woods Preaching
June 16 - Food Pantry Sunday
June 20 - Don Justo coffee distribution (10 AM - noon)
June 23 - Graduate Recognition Sunday
June 24 - Newsletter Articles Due
June 27 - Don Justo Coffee Distribution
June 28 - Sigrid Anderson's Scrapbooking
June 29 - Sigrid Anderson's Scrapbooking

On Thursday, May 2, we will serve the CFUM (Children & Family Movement) dinner. We meet at the church at noon to prepare the meal and then leave  at 4:30 to serve the meal at Trinity Methodist Church. We are done with clean-up around 6 PM. 

The third Sunday of each month is Food Pantry Sunday. The DMARC Food Pantry Network's requested donation this month is beans, dried or canned. The culturally appropriate food requested is fava and mung beans, dried or canned.