For worship on Palm Sunday, April 14, the choir will sing two anthems, "Blessed Is He Who Comes" and "Lamb of God."

On Easter Sunday, April 21, the choir will sing "Resurrection." We will have a trumpet accompaniment during the service.

WOW (Windsor on Wednesdays)

Spring 2019 - Living the Christian Life

WOW meets for a light supper at 5:15 on Wednesday evenings. Following that we have a time of study and discussion. 

Currently we are studying how to Practice the Faith.  Using the Animate Video series, we will learn from some of the most engaging Christian leaders of our time and fellow travelers on this road of following Jesus. So, come, eat and learn interactively.

April 3 - Worship / Seeking God's
April 10 - Sacraments / A Tapestry of Tradition
April 17 - Holy Week Worship, putting our practices                    into practice
April 24 - Money / The Joy of Sharing



Windsor Presbyterian Church
Windsor Heights, Iowa
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News & Events


Apr 4 - CFUM Meal
Apr 5 - Building & Grounds Committee
Apr 7 - Sacrament of Communion
Apr 9 - Drop In Potluck

Apr 11 - Session Meeting
Apr 13 - Church Work Day
Apr 14 - Palm Sunday Processional 

Apr 18 - Maundy Thursday
              6:30 Dinner; 7:30 Tenebrae Service
Apr 18 - Don Justo coffee distribution (10 AM - noon)
Apr 21 - Easter Sunday
              6:15 Sunrise Service in parking lot
              9:15 Easter Brunch in Ward Hall
             10:30 Traditional Easter Worship

Apr 22 - Newsletter articles due
Apr 25 - Don Justo coffee distribution (10 AM - noon)
Apr 28 - Sacrament of Communion

On Thursday, April 4, we will serve the CFUM (Children & Family Movement) dinner. We meet at the church at noon to prepare the meal and then leave  at 4:30 to serve the meal at Trinity Methodist Church. We are done with clean-up around 6 PM.